August: Tree Care Tips for Spring

Welcome to the vibrant season of spring! As blossoms grace the landscape, it’s time for both businesses and homeowners to nurture their trees for optimal health. By tending to these fundamental tree care tasks, you’re ensuring that your trees remain vibrant and resilient throughout the year.

1. Refresh the Base: Clean Up Around Your Trees
Clear away leaves, twigs, and fallen fruit that have gathered around the base of your trees. This diligent cleanup not only enhances the aesthetics but also shields your trees from lurking diseases and fungi. Also, bid farewell to the protective coverings that shielded your trees during the winter months.

2. Vigilance for Damage and Disease
Embrace a detective’s role as you inspect your trees for telltale signs of disease or damage. Be on the lookout for broken branches, holes, molds, and fungi that might compromise the well-being of your trees. Identify branches that remain barren of blossoms or leaves – these likely need pruning and removal. Enlist the expertise of a professional Arbor Care Tree Specialist for precise and thorough assessment. Winter burn and sunscald might have left their mark, causing vertical cracks in bark or discoloration.

3. Embrace New Beginnings: Planting New Trees
The manifold benefits of trees extend to your property – from reducing noise levels to providing wildlife sanctuaries. Spring is an opportune time to introduce new trees, granting their roots ample time to establish before scorching summer temperatures arrive. Our team at Arbor Care Tree Specialists is ready to guide you on species preferences and optimal planting times.

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Unlock a Flourishing Season
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