Happy Holidays

Wishing youand your loved ones a BLESSED Christmas and prosperous 2024!!!

Arbor Care Tree Specialists would like to thank you for your ongoing support and business throughout the years…..

We are open for business throughout December and into January 2024! We will only close on public holidays, except in the case of emergencies!

We are looking forward to assisting with your trees, pest & disease control, and almost any other tree needs!


Last month Marco joined our company, he is our new MARKETING & OPERATIONS MANAGER and will also be running our I.P.M. (Integrated Pest and Disease Management) division. This division does NOT only specialize in spraying pests, but also in many other aspects.

  • DISEASE TREATMENT – Identification of tree diseases with holistic solutions.
  • BIO STIMULANTS – The most advanced arboriculture products are used to either enhance growth or remedy tree problems.
  • CABLING & BRACING – It is often necessary to cable falling OR splitting trees. For aesthetics and safety, weak or badly attached branches can be braced.
  • INSECT CONTROL – Insects can cause considerable damage to your trees. This damage leaves the plants and trees looking unsightly and can even kill them.

Many insects defoliate trees, reducing the ability of trees to produce food, insects suck out tree sap, retarding growth, causing many other irritating problems in their wake, carrying pathogens and paving the way for disease!