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General Tree Care Advice

Proper plant selection, planting and care is essential for the long-term health and beauty of your garden.

Questions like, “What tree should I plant here?”, “Should I water my mature tree?”, “How can I protect my tree from pests?”, “Why should I prune my old apple tree?” and “How should I treat a wound on the trunk of my young tree?” can be answered so that you can take care of your trees with knowledge that you are doing the right thing.


We encourage you to care for your trees with adequate watering. Making sure your soil is moist, but not soggy, will bring your trees the hydration needed to take root and grow strong. In a drought situation, remember your established trees need water too.


COVID 19 Sanitizing

We specialize in COVID cleaning and sanitizing

Tree Felling

Due to development and/or structural safety, we sometimes have to fell trees. We are fully equipped to handle all your tree removal needs.

Tree Pruning

This is the process of selectively removing branches from a tree. There are many reasons why pruning is needed including health, aesthetics, safety, and containment of growing space. Whether to prune or not depends on the species.

We offer the following types of pruning:

  • Maintenance pruning
  • Crown cleaning, reduction, and raising
  • Deadwood pruning to eliminate storm damage and other hazards
  • Character pruning
  • Vista pruning

Site Clearance

Due to urban and land development, we sometimes have to clear entire sites from trees and plants.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Ugly or unwanted tree stumps can be removed manually or mechanically

Tree Planting

What ever the need, we will be happy to assist in the selection and planting of trees and shrubs in your garden.

Tree Maintenance

We specialise in all tree care practices, including: crown reduction, pruning, thinning, cleaning out dead wood and water shoots, etc.

Integrated Pest Management

Insects and diseases can result in either the decline or death of the plant if left untreated. We take an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to protect trees and shrubs on our clients’ properties. IPM is designed to make certain we achieve our goal of suppressing pest problems while minimizing negative environmental impacts. The Arbor Care Insect and Disease Management Program employs a suite of cultural practices including inspections and well timed applications with the goal of maintaining plant health while at the same time minimizing environmental impacts.

Bio Stimulation

Proper Bio stimulants provide strong roots, trunks, limbs and branches.
Bio stimulant Management is the science of understanding the essential elements for growth (soil, weather and hydrology) and the art of applying nutrients and stimulants designed to boost vitality. As proper assessment of a tree’s potential for growth will take into account a comprehensive list of factors and how they interact with one another.


Whether you are new to your home or a longtime resident you may have questions or concerns about the trees and shrubs in your garden. Take a walk with our experienced arborist to learn about your property without the pressure of buying services. Having your trees evaluated can help you identify trees that may be at elevated risk for failure. A plan will be developed for mitigating, decreasing risk levels.

Bracing and Cabling

The installation of bracing rods and/or cables, along with pruning to reduce end-weight can reduce the likelihood of a structural failure. Properly installed cables help to redistribute structural stress, and bracing rods can provide support to branch attachments deemed weak. A combination of cabling and bracing can successfully address existing splitting limbs and trunks.

Winter Tree Services

Our minds are often far removed from thoughts of nurturing and enhancing our trees when the buzz and clamour that accompanies the summer season is reduced to the quiet stillness of early winter. Yet the truth is that there are many opportunities to address tree care issues during the cold season of tree dormancy.

Contact Arbor Care Tree Specialists today for your winter tree service